Crown Atlantic - Hello, Second Movement

Crown Atlantic - Hello, Second Movement
15 Year Anniversary

Our album release show was June 16th, 2006.  We have all gone in quite different directions since that time, but this music is a constant reminder of time well spent while learning how to grow up.


Thanks to everyone who made Crown Atlantic worth doing.  I still think about the shows, parties, and scene often.  You know who you are!



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Hello, Second Movement
(Bonus Web-Edition - two extra tracks that were recorded in 2007)


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Demos & Early Recordings
(Songs recorded from 2004-2006 leading up to Hello, Second Movement.  
They should be in chronological order for the most part)


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There are still a few (boxes) of CDs laying around.

If you're interested, I'll send you one for the cost of shipping!

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It would be sweet to hear from anybody who knew us back in the day, or who just found this because I spammed it across the internet.  




Sagan Jacobson, Ian Kaufmann, Matt Lahr, Connor Doyle, Jim Leeds